The Hollow

"Theater Accident has again dared to do something awesome.  You will probably be awestruck after this show. " - Ed Malin, Theater In The Now

This Is Normal

Ten Minutes of Silence by Paul Ford

"Freeman is a tireless innovator... the event is beautiful."

- Ed Malin, Theatre in the Now

That Which Isn't

"[A] graceful psychodrama...scalpel-sharp...A day later, I can still feel its melancholy chill." - Helen Shaw, The Village Voice

"Freeman’s script is like a literary iceberg, with much of its context floating dark under the surface...That Which Isn’t is a heartbreaking work." - Marti Sichel, Woman Around Town

"Freeman has an ear for tense naturalism." - Jenna Scherer, Time Out

Why We Left Brooklyn

"CRITIC'S PICK! See Why We Left Brooklyn. Frowsy, Funny, Quietly Furious. Matthew Freeman’s play—a dinner party from hell packed with aging, underemployed actors and artists clinging to the fringes of their ever-gentrifying borough—doesn’t stop short of caricature: It barrels right through, spilling up-sold wine and cheap irony all over the Ikea furniture." - Scott Brown, New York Magazine

"A love letter to a borough like no other from a generation like no other." - Jim Taylor, WCBS Radio 

"Why We Left Brooklyn is a tragedy of manners in the realist tradition of Chekhov and Ibsen....Kyle Ancowitz’s deft realization of Matthew Freeman’s airtight script will make everyone over the age of thirty who holds a liberal arts degree squirm uncomfortably. But it’s a good kind of discomfort, a salutary kind. Why We Left Brooklyn reminds those of us who haven’t achieved super-stardom that our struggles and our problems are no less valid because someone else has had it worse, or has been a bigger success, or has moved out of the borough." - Will Kenton, Cultural Capitol

"Why We Left Brooklyn is Gawker snark served with screwball spin...There’s real, galvanizing anger among the zingers, particularly in Freeman’s outrage at the humiliations of the actor’s life." - Helen Shaw, Time Out New York

"The dialogue — satiric wit, intelligence, humor and insight — that emanates from the mouths of Mathew Freeman’s characters is fresh, and makes Why We Left Brooklyn a particular pleasure" - Eleanor Foa Dienstag, Woman Around Town

"A play that is both highly contemporary and rooted in the classic American tradition ...with its exceptionally literate dialogue, its seriocomic treatment of an essentially sad situation, and, yes, that three-act setup, it feels like the 21st-century version of a comedy by Philip Barry or S. N. Behrman. Like them, Freeman finds meaning in contemporary manners and mores..." - David Barbour, Lighting & Sound America

 "A sweet and funny New York story." - Molly Marinik, Theater Is Easy

"Good Odds!" - Time Out New York 

The Mantle - An interview with director Kyle Ancowitz and playwright Matthew Freeman with Gary Winter

Article: "Last Exit From Park Slope" - Lauren Hedli, TDF Stages

The Zebra Shirt of Lonely Children

"Four Stars. He achieves a masterful balance between the tragedy of loss and the touching moments of humor it can create." - Vanessa Thill, Time Out New York

"This is a must-see." - Graydon Royce, Twin Cities Star Tribune

"Matthew Trumbull is a star." - Aurin Squire, New York Theatre Review 

"Beautifully written….what makes the tale so poignant is the amount of detail, peppered with unexpected moments of humor, woven into it. Anyone who has lost a loved one is sure to be moved by the performance… " - Dan Bacalzo, Theatermania

"Last night I saw The Zebra Shirt of Lonely Children. I really liked his acting immensely; he was telling the story of his father’s death and there was an economy to the language – almost Hemingway-like. In some ways it felt like a laundry list with these surprise emotionally cathartic moments…the way in which he told the story reflected what it was like for him to discover these emotions for the first time. —Paul Strickland, “Ain’t True and Uncle False” 

"Minnetonka native returns..." - Lakeshore Weekly News