The Zebra Shirt of Lonely Children



2012 FringeNYC Award, Overall Excellence, Solo Performance

Four Stars—Achieves a masterful balance between the tragedy of loss and the touching moments of humor it can create.
— Time Out New York
This is a must-see.
— Minneapolis Star Tribune

The ins and outs of cadaver donation, eulogy inspiration at Applebees, and final conversations 30 years before father or son is ready, THE ZEBRA SHIRT OF LONELY CHILDREN explores the absurdity and pain of a simple life at an unfathomable end.

Moving seamlessly between heartbreakingly funny and simply heartbreaking, THE ZEBRA SHIRT OF LONELY CHILDREN journeys through the strange bonding days between Trumbull’s cancer-stricken 55-year-old father, an unassuming Minnesota engineer who takes his belief in usefulness above and beyond; and Trumbull, a New York City actor with a slew of day jobs both brief and bizarre.

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